In the bottom row,from the right side after JhaJi .

Roger is one of The Good Protectors.What patch he wears is unknown.

Early LifeEdit

Roger was born to Biffany IXI Kindley Whiffers and Mr.K Whiffers.He has a brother named Smarty Panty Kindley Whiffers.He also has a cousin named Prex Kindley Whiffers.

Present LifeEdit

Roger is Teleport-in-charge of the Good Protectors.He is exteremly good in fighting.


Roger exels in fighting.He is considered the 'Greatest Fighter To Have Ever Lived' by the organization.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Roger has a rectangle-shaped head with a staight and long pointy nose.The hairs when near his head are bit shaggy.He wears a dark-blue suit.He has triangle-shaped eyebrows.

Trivia Edit

  • He does't like Cucumber Juice
  • His nerd is Sanjalk